April Update

This semester has passed by so fast! All the end of the year things are happening and I'm feeling so sad about it. It's always sad at the end of the year but I think I'm especially aware of the passing of time because of Eli and missing out on part of the year. I'm really glad that most of my girls will be around this next year though, but I'm feeling protective of the time I get with these girls. I've been really blessed by these girls and this community this year. I've been extended grace and challenged and listened to a I've processed through being a mother and a pastor. This song has really been ministering to me in this season. 

Last TNF! Our students shared where they saw God working this year and we had more students wanting to share than we had time for 

My friend Makenna got baptized!

My BSF group! I have struggled to be consistent with health and Eli, but I am consistently encouraged when we go!

I love getting to see our students love on Eli

Ronnie talked about fighting for last place at a wedding I was at for Becca and Joey. That idea has stuck with me the last couple days. It has me reflecting, do I seek to lower myself or do I seek to serve myself in my relationships with others? I don’t love my answer to that question all the time. I am praying that I don’t become more selfish and that I can be a good example to our students and to my son of servant heartedness. 

The eclipse! God is so cool and creative

Join us in praying for this season of fundraising!


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