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The Shortest of Months!

So many exciting things are happening! I am excited to share with y’all what is happening at UTD and in my own life. 
I started off this month with a core reunion. I see all of the girls separately but not really together and it was a pleasure to catch up with them and see how God has been moving in their lives. I am so grateful that God has put them in each other's lives and that they get to do life together. 

We had the Traveling Team come and talk to our students about what it looked like to be sent and God’s vision for redeeming the world. It was a convicting reminder that God calls us to all the nations and it can be easy to forget how blessed I am to be on the college campus where people are diverse and open to learning. I can’t imagine what hurdles I will have to jump through when I eventually leave here. 

I got the chance to go to Houston to visit my Grandparents and then to Austin one weekend to see my niece get dedicated. God is so good to give me such sweet family members …

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