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June Update

It's summertime! We're feeling the full force of the Texas sun, and it's not even in the 100s yet! I'm glad for the sun again but man it's hot.  The different seasons are good for the flora and fauna on our planet, and they're good for us too. There's things we learn in the heat and the rain and the cold. We learn to appreciate the seasons don't last forever but also to enjoy them while they're here.  My grandmas family reunion! I'm learning this in this season I'm in. Or at least trying to. Elias will never be this little again. There's so much development that happens in the first couple years! I'm so grateful that I get to be part time with him to help him explore and figure out the world. And to do that,  I give up my time and energy in other places to be present with him. But I also get to do ministry! I get to invest in students and share life with them and learn more about the character of God together. And I'm so blessed t

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