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Hope in God's Steadfast Nature

This month has really flown by! First of all, I want to report that I am only $240 a month away from my goal for this year, which is crazy! God has been so gracious to provide for me even when things seem complicated. Thank you for all your help and for allowing me to be able to do campus ministry. Your prayers and support mean the world to me. 

Now that the fundraising season is over, we have started prepping for the upcoming school year. We have paired up our student leaders who will lead our small groups, which is always an exciting and daunting task. We pair people together that we think would work well together and compliment each other. Pairing people together was actually made harder because we have so many solid people who will be leading this year. I am super excited about our leader team this year.
We also have set our peer teams so I know who I am going to be investing in this year. The girls in my peer team are Ashley, Claire, Jessica, MacKenzie, Shannon, Alexis, Becca, and …

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