November Overview

November was a great month for friends and family! This month I have felt much more on top of homework so I have had a lot more time to invest in the girls in the ministry.  I am really loving what I get to do here at UTD. 

Our core is a place where girls are loved on and cared about. These girls are more than just an amalgamation of random girls, but a family. We got to do encouragements earlier in November and it was so amazing seeing the girls pour into one another. 

So many families came to Family Night and worshipped together. 

Like I mentioned last month, my sister in law was expecting soon and she finally had her baby. Her name is Luna and she is the cutest thing in the world. 

We got to skype with Iain Proven this month too. We listened to his course during our Old Testament Class and he came to Winter Camp my freshman year.  His teachings during that winter camp really helped me understand scripture better and helped me get excited about scripture. It was so amazing to be able to talk to the person who helped me understand scripture better! I am so lucky that I get to learn more about our God and engage scripture in new ways. 

Outreach at UTD has really picked up! The students seem to be taking a lot more ownership over it! We have been engaging all kinds of people in conversation. Through outreach, one of the girls I met started going to my small group and studying the Bible with me. Also, we have befriended a lot of the members of ASH(Athiest, Skeptics, Humanists) and some of them come to our Tuesday Night Meetings!
Pizza Theology with Bill Watson. I have heard lots of positive feedback from students who enjoyed learning more about the story of the Bible! It is so cool to see students starting to engage scripture.
I am really encouraged with all that is happened at UTD this semester and I pray that the next semester is just as life-changing for the students! I can't believe I am halfway through this apprenticeship already!!


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