February Update

 What a fun and interesting couple of months! I got to preach(you can listen to it here), I’ve started some new Bible studies and we’re inviting students to our leadership conference to help raise up new leaders in the community. 

It’s been neat to see the excitement for what Jesus is doing among our students this year. It’s so sweet to have kid students and student leaders investing in one another and reading the Word and being changed. 

Drew speaking at pizza Theo about the inspiration of scripture 

Winter Retreat 2024!

I am personally thankful that I get to be a part of this. Thinking about my son moving out, which yes is a long time away, I want him to find a community like this. I want him to be surrounded with different backgrounds and cultures to challenge and grow his faith. I cherish the thought that he’ll get to grow up knowing that this kind of community is possible and that our students will know him and love on him as he grows up. 

Matching with Madi!

Elias and Aunt Margeaux and soon to be cousin!

With our friend Emmy!

Best buds, Owen and Eli

There’s a couple things I’ve been thinking about lately that I wanted to share with y’all. We’ve been reading a book on finances and it’s had me thinking a lot how I think about money. Am I generous even when I don’t feel like I have enough? The book says something along the lines of ‘if you don’t have room to be generous, you’re living above your means.’ With a kid, it can be tempting to want to hoard and complain about how little I have now but that’s a disservice to the kind of God we serve. A God who loves and is overflowing with generosity. My desire to live comfortably gets in the way of me acting like God. So these months I’ve been reflecting on my life and all that he’s done for me and how his generosity changes the way I live and love.

Always fun things to look at, at Shayla’s house

Becca and the goof

Along with this, I’ve been thinking about childcare and wanted to ask for your prayers as we find an affordable option for Eli. I want to be able to give with my budget and be generous, but we also aren’t in a place now where most of my salary goes to Childcare. God has shown up again and again in my life and so I’m asking again for a miracle and for you to partner with me in prayer. I’m back part time and I need someone to watch him for some of the time so I can get work done and have meetings uninterrupted. I feel confident of God calling me to these students so I know he will provide a way, but if not he has something better in store for us! I ask for prayers as we figure this all out. 

On campus! 

God is good, ministry is sweet. I really enjoy the students I get time with! I’m thankful for a place that feels like home and friendships that are refreshing to my soul!


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