May Update

It's officially the end of the year and summer is starting! 5 of my student leaders are graduated and won't be around this next year! I talked about that some last update but it is so bittersweet. I am thankful for the time that I have gotten with these students the last year or couple of years. 

The Lord is sweet to provide for me! I am going into the summer at 74% to my goal! Which means I am a lot closer to my goal that I have been in previous summers. I am thankful for the Lord's provision as we prepare for a child to join our family.
If you are interested in giving or hearing more about specifics, you can fill out this form.  I know the Lord is going to provide, but I would love your prayers as I enter this summer of fundraising. I pray I can be a blessing to those I meet with and that I can point people back to Jesus and his goodness.

Our end of year party at a local Denton Park!

It is such an honor and a privledge to get to be God's mouthpiece on the college campus. I am thankful to get to be a participant in God's work of changing hearts and bringing people back to him. And that work is not done alone, it can only happen because of God and his provision through my ministry support partners. Thank you for your prayers and generousity. 

The student leaders I've met with this last year

Two of these girls were in my small group last year and two of them I studied the Bible with as freshman. These girls were such a blessing to meet with and share life and ministry with. I wouldn't trade them for the world. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in their lives next year. 

As I think about the next year, I pray for discernment as Drew and I figure out ministry and raising a child. I pray for a radical transformation of the Denton campuses and hearts turned to the Lord. I pray for unbelievers who long for the Lord and so many of them that we are bursting at the seams. I pray for protection against the powers of evil and mental health. I pray for deliverance for the chains that bind us. I pray for providence for our staff and fully supported campus ministers. 

Jine's graduated and is headed to Northwestern for Law School! I am so proud of her!!


Baby Update: Our baby is 17 weeks as of May 18th and the size of a large onion(5 inches). I am starting to show a bit more! I am hoping within the next couple of weeks I can start feeling him move around. Pray that he can come to know and love the Lord!


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