April Update

 Wowie, it is already the end of the year! It is so crazy how fast things go. I am sad as we approach this new season of transition. Most of the student leaders I meet with are graduating and will be leaving our ministry. I am so sad to see them go, but so excited for the opportunities that they will experience in the workforce or continuing in higher education. 

Drew gave a talk at Pizza Theology on Ephesians! It was so good! You can go here to listen to it 

One of the hardest things about this job is people transitioning on. The freshman from when I first came to Denton are graduating this year which is bitter sweet. As I reflect on the life of a disciple and the life of Paul, building up and sending out is a part of the gig but it can still be so difficult. The years of investing in and seeing people grow up make it hard to see people leave, even when I know it is for the best. 

I got to preach on trusting God in the midst of hardship and when things are uncertain, if you want to listen here is the link!

Easter with my parents at my Aunt's church! We decorated the cross in flowers and it was beautiful!

I can't even imagine this as a parent, to invest in your child for 18 years and then see them leave! I am not looking forward to that one day. Also if you haven't heard, I am pregnant! Drew and I are expecting a baby boy in late October! I am so blessed to get the opportunity to parent this little child and excited to see who they grow up to be. I would love prayers and I navigate the beautiful and difficult season of pregnancy as well as what else is to come!

Our baby at 13 weeks!


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