SICM was so sweet!


Man it has been quite a month! God has been really faithful over the last month and a half and I am excited to share some of that with yall! One of the big things that happens in May is SICM(Student Institute of Campus Ministry) in Washington State. We spent 10 days up in Seattle and Bellingham, growing and learning how to do campus ministry from CCF(Campus Christian Fellowship). We had the chance to invite over 35 students from Denton! And around 30 people were able to come. It was really neat to see the students go from casual aquaintances to actually friends!

At our End of Year Party!

I was able to stay with three other students that I already knew and got to process through them what they were learning during the week. One of the days, Shayla and I were on a walk when we saw a girl crying in the garden at the catholic church. We ended up talking to her and she told us about how her family has experienced a death recently and since then things had been feeling dark for her. She didn’t believe in God because friends of hers had bad interactions with the church but went to the church for comfort and she felt like she needed to be there. I think that was God ordained! Shayla and I were able to share parts of our story with her and now we are connected to her via social media. It was neat to have an interaction with a stranger that I wasn’t expecting. We got to pray for her and help her in her hour of need. God is good!!

I also got the chance to baptize one of our Denton students on the last day of the training! He had been wanting to get baptized and decided he was tired of putting it off. Someone had spoken words of wisdom over him and said that he would be reaching a new finishline and that was his baptism! He is now a new person in Christ. The old is gone and the new is here! I am so thankful that the Lord let me be a part of that for him!

I was able to meet my brother while we were up in Seattle. I found out recently that I had a brother, half brother, that my family only found out about because of DNA testing. He got in contact with my dad and since then we have been texting and talking. But I got to meet him in person! Drew and a couple of my staff friends got to meet him and it was so sweet. I am glad that I get to know him, even though we have a lot of catching up to do. He is a carbon copy of my dad and I am surprise how similar they are when they haven’t met before. He meets my parents in the end of July and is spending a couple of days in Texas. I am so excited to get more time with him. Be praying that goes smoothly and that he feels loved and cared for. 

Here is summer FOCUS! Drew got to preach this last week, and you can find the stream at

I am excited for the fall! I hope it comes quickly and that this season can be restful and restorative for our staff and students. 


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