Fun Stuff this February!

 One of our coolest fundraisers is this weekend and I want to invite ya to it! It's called Showcase, where some of the performers from out family of churches get together and preform for you! We have a variety of people who are extremely talented! This is no talent show, it is a big deal! It is the 26th of February, there is a show at 2:30pm and another at 6:30pm. It's at Care Church in Richardson. Between those two shows there is the Artisan Market where people will be selling a variety of things, from photography to paintings, to food and I am even selling some of my plant cuttings! You can purchase tickets at and find more info there.

Here are some of the students we are inviting to our leadership training! I am so encouraged by this group!

Showcase is to raise money to send students to SICM(Student Insitute of Campus Ministry) which is our yearly training which we send students to in Washington. We partner with another ministry there that helps teach our students how to be disciple makers and help them catch a vision for campus ministry. Our ministry only works because of the student leader who choose to work for the Lord on these campuses and because of the support of generous people like you!!

I am really excited because we are inviting 4 people from my small group this year which is an amazing thing. And we are hoping to send around 35 people from Denton this year. I would love your prayers as we try and get people onto God's agenda. I would also love prayers that we would continue to meet and develop leaders this year!!

At one of our corefa meetings! (corefas are our students who lead small groups)

I wanted to share too about the encouraging things happening in my life lately! One of those big encouragements has been BSF(Bible Study Fellowship). That I get to do Wednesday Mornings in Denton. It has been so sweet and refreshing to hear from people who have a wide range of experiences and are seeking the Lord in the same way. I love campus ministry, but I also enjoy the Lord filling me up through this group. I find myself using some of the things we talk about in my one on one ministry. We are reading through Matthew right now which has been so great. Getting to see Jesus interact with people and challenge them is so good. We can learn a lot from the way Jesus did ministry. 

some of the bsf ladies!!

here are some more of them!

I have been really encouraged by outreach this semester. God has really been faithful as we try and be faithful with his people. There was a girl that I met at the beginning of the semester who finally reached back out and now we are studying the Bible together. She has had a really rough experience with people and the church so I am encouraged that the Spirit has made her heart soft towards him. 

I have also been refreshed in the Lord. I have been trying to include God in the things that I am already doing, cleaning or meeting with students, and I have noticed that the Lord has really filled me up and encouraged me. It has helped me fight off some of the sadness I have been feeling creep in this semester. I have noticed God working in so many ways. He is good and all powerful and he loves you deeply. 

Zoom Core for one of the snow days!

After Core, changing a tire

Ran into my favorite baby at a coffee shop! Isn't he the cutest?!


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