Praise God for his Overflowing Blessings

I am so thankful to be able to ministry at the Denton Campuses!! God has been faithful to provide people this year. The Lord is growing his people and stirring people's hearts! I have loved getting to meet people on campus this year. Since I was undergoing treatment last year, I wasn't able to facilitate a core or do much meeting people on campus. This year I get to do both!

I am co-leading with a girl named Kailey and Hannah. Hannah is a girl I studied the Bible with a couple of years ago and the Lord has been so sweet to let me see how he's moved in her life these last two years. Kailey is newer to the ministry so I didn't know her before this year so it has been sweet getting to know her more and more. Both of them have done a wonderful job of loving on the girls we have in our small group. I have enjoyed it so much! God has been good to show me how much fun ministry can be and show me that He can use me. We have about 20ish girls in our core and I have loved getting to know them and hear their stories. I think God is going to do big things with these girls in years to come! Be praying for them!

I have been helping outreach at these campuses and helping teach Christian History! It has been so good to be able to help out more and take some of the burden off of our busier staff members. With outreach, I get to consistently meet people on campus and connect them with other people in our ministry. Christian History has been fun so far and is a good refresher of our Church Fathers and Mothers. Sarah Williams(the teacher of the lectures we are using) says "we have to  know the story(God's) if we are going to engage with the purposes of God in this generation." God revealed himself through history and it has been helpful thinking through how all God has moved in the past and trying to see where He might be moving us to in the future. I hope to have a better understanding of Christian History through taking this class again and articulate it in a way that is helpful for our students!

Zombie tag: one of my favorite welcome week games at UTD has finally been introduced to the Denton Community!

Ryan, our team lead, brought his baby to staff meeting one week! I was only a lot distracted.
Our Worship Band for our large group meetings

MacKenzie is one of the girls I used to study the Bible with! God has really used her to strengthen the community these last two years. 

This is the group of leaders whom I meet with and lead/mentor! 


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