Ministry In the Madness

The Lord is good! I have had the opportunity to experience this firsthand this year. Despite the craziness of a pandemic, cancer and treatment, and most recently the snowstorm that has taken out most of the power, God still reigns. He is faithful and trustworthy. He has been with me through these seasons and carried me when I have felt that I didn't have much to give.

I am sure there have been times this year that you have felt at the end of your rope. A couple weeks ago I had a nurse tell me that I had lethal cancer still, which brought me to my knees before God. It broke me a little but brought me to a place where I could honestly say the words "not my will but yours." I don't think a year ago I would have been at that place and I praise God for making me look more like him. I don't actually have cancer still, which doesn't make God any less good. (There was a mistake in my chart, but that is another story). I think it is easy to praise God when things go our way, but that isn't really faith. Faith is believing even when we can't see.

This sentiment is mine as well. We got to do a meeting with all of the corefas and they stayed for a long time after the meeting ended to talk to one another 

Peer Team over zoom when it is too cold to meet outside

We see God's unfailing character in scripture. Garrett recently gave a sermon on God's character in the Old Testament and the New Testament, which has been really helpful for me and the students in my ministry. God is not aloof and separate from our pain and suffering. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit," says Psalm 34:18. When things don't go the way that I want them to, God is still good. When everything is stripped away, my health or my energy or my security, he is still good. Circumstances come and go, but he is the solid ground that I have to live my life on. 

Changing the way that I think through suffering and inconvenience and pain has really changed my ministry. It has freed me up to focus on others around me rather than just my own circumstances. The first bit of this semester I have been taking my peer team to do outreach on TWU and UNT campuses. We have met so many people who are longing for friendship and belonging. They are eager to know the Lord and his people. If I am just sitting in my room reminiscing on my pain and how hard it has been, I wouldn't have gotten out of my comfort zone and wouldn't have been able to be Jesus to those on the college campuses. 

Drew making a fire to survive the cold temps outside

This time of year we start thinking about who we see potential in and meeting with those students. I am so excited for the girls that I get to meet with and invest in. Be praying about the leaders that God is raising up for next year. I am really excited that I get to see where God is moving in them. My peer team girls are doing a good job loving the girls that are in their core. I am happy to get to see the progress that they have made this year as well. I am encouraged by their relationships with each other and with me. 

a group of us climbing at the local gym

Another thing that God has been teaching me lately is resting in Him. Jesus says in Matthew 11 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Rest is something that is easy to neglect in our fast-paced society. Our weeks pass us by, filled will work and other things. We forget to rest in the Lord and do things that fill us up. I would encourage you to set up intentional time to spend with the Lord. Getting daily and weekly intentional time has been so life-giving. Praying that you can find this rest in the Lord as well. 


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