October is Over

This month has been so busy and so so fun. I am slowly starting to feel like this place is my home and a place that I could be for a long time. I am starting to get to know people in the community better and I am more in tune with where God is working on these two campuses. I am so glad to be growing roots here.

One of the big things we did this month was Fall Camp! This is when all of our small groups in the community getaway to Mount Lebanon and spend 24 hours together, building community and learning about the Lord. We talked about the value of community and got to share in the Eucharist and worship of God together. It was so neat to talk to people after Fall Camp and see them gaining a vision for themselves in community. One of the girls in my core shared during one of our community sharing times how God was showing her that this group of people were her people. This along with just time together really strengthened our core. Our group of girls is really starting to feel like a family on mission together.

One of the cool things we started this month was an 8-week sermon series on the Steadfastness of God and how we should be steadfast like him. This has been so so solidifying for me this month. God has been teaching me how to be steadfast despite the change going on, my anxiety and my brokenness. He has been helping me rely on him more and that has been a game-changer in my life. He is teaching me more and more how to do ministry out of his strength and not my own, and boy does it make a difference. It takes the pressure off of me to perform and it lets me see more clearly where God is moving. I got to preach about steadfastness amidst anxiety this month and Drew got to preach about being Steadfast through Change. Which has been super helpful thinking through. 

Here are some students in our ministry! I have been trying to get pictures with the girls that I meet with but I always forget when we meet up. I have the pleasure of getting to study the Bible with 7 girls so pray that the scripture and God moves powerfully in their lives. Each girl is different but I have loved seeing how our friendship has grown since the beginning of the year!

Here is a picture of our core's movie night after meeting. We ate pizza and watched Coraline

A picture from one of the common areas at UNT where a lot of our students hang out and live life together.

One other really encouraging thing that I found out about this week is that one of the girls from my core the last couple of years at UTD, not this year though, is studying abroad in Taipai and is getting to do 3 Bible studies with people she has met there. It is cool to see how big of an impact campus ministry can have. God is moving in other countries and isn't limited in just working here in the west!!

The only pic of our Halloween Outreach event that I took. 
We did some outreach on Halloween, giving away hot chocolate and candy. It was really cool to see that even though it was 30 degrees, people still came out and engaged with us. We are trying some new things this year to try and get our students to be more outreaching so hopefully, that continues to go well.

Here is an exciting opportunity: Some of our generous donors have banded together and agreed to match up to $36, 000 in total donations during our Keep Focus Growing campaign. So if we receive $36,000 in total contributions, these donors will kick in a second $36,000. Which is insanely generous and a chance for you to get your donations multiplied!! The first chance to give for that is December 3rd so put that on your calendar.

Thanks for reading till the end of my blog! Sorry it is so long this month. God is doing big things, changing hearts and minds, bringing people to him and I am glad we get to be a part of that.


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