When September Ends

Garret brought his son to our staff meeting!
 I have been really enjoying this semester! It has been so fun getting to know the students and settling into our lives here. The students are so sweet and weird getting to know them has been a joy. I can't wait for the rest of the year!!
One of our Thursday Night Fellowships
 We recently started a Sermon Series on God's steadfastness and how we are to emulate his steadfastness for others and just finished a series on What Jesus is Like. I see the Spirit moving in the lives of the students and using our large groups to speak to them.
My Cofa!
 This is Cesia! We lead small group together and she is such a joy. In this picture, I captured a rare moment of expressiveness. I can't wait to grow in friendship with her as we think through ministering to the girls in the small group together.
Another TNF
I have finally settled into my schedule. I spend a lot more of my time with students this year and it has been equally challenging and rewarding. I have 7 one on one Bible Studies where we are going through the story of the Bible(FOJ aka Focus on Jesus) and I meet with the 5 girls in my peer team. I also get to have other touchpoints with students on campus. It has been a blast and I am still trying to decern with an open hand what God is trying to teach them and me this year. 
Some of the girls in my small group 
Every new year comes with a new group of girls. I don't really know what I expected this year to be like but I am hopeful for what it is turning out to be. I've really enjoyed thinking through what each girl needs and how they can help one another grow. I am so thankful for God blessing me with such a great group of girls. I can really see Him moving in their lives. I believe he has big things in store for them this year.
Some more of the girls

Family Night
We had Family Night this last month and it was so much fun getting to meet people from the community's families. I think cross-generational worshiping is so essential to the Church. We get to strengthen and encourage one another.


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