A Year of Campus Ministry

We spent a couple days with Drew's family on the lake and it was a great way to reflect on this past year and what God has been doing

A year has passed since I started the apprenticeship and now I am full-time staff! I wouldn't be where I am without the prayers and support of the wonderful people surrounding me. I am so lucky that God has placed me in community and has been blessing me! Drew and I are super excited to be in Denton and this is our first full month of being here. It has been so fun getting to know the students and the people here. Despite summer being over, I am so ready for the school year to start.

Our last Summer Fellowship

School starts in a couple weeks which means this summer of transitioning and fundraising is about over. I am currently a little short on fundraising (I need about $400 a month left of support to be fully fundraised) so I would love your prayers for getting fully fundraised. I know that God will come through and provide, and he has been teaching me that despite this difficult season of fundraising.

We had some students over to our new place for dinner and they ended up doing standup for us

Our staff here in Denton is finalizing our student leaders and I am super happy about that. We have a lot of strong leaders that I am excited about leading. It is so sweet to see all the potential for growth and friendships as we build our team. It turns out that I get to lead another small group this next year with one of the students and I am over the moon about it! I love getting to lead a small group and build a community there. I am also going to be leading a small group of our student leaders, called peer team, which is something I haven't done yet. I am excited about the challenge!

Here's a photo of our staff meeting(those drinks are root beer and kombucha fyi)

I think what I am the most excited about is how much potential there is here. I can really see where God is working and moving and I am ready to be faithful to what he is doing here.
Our small group at Trivia Night

Bible Boot Camp where our students read through the entirety of the New Testament in a week!!

At our Denton Small groups where we get to share what God has been teaching us!

Next month will be filled with more stories of meeting students so get ready for that!!


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