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"Salvation is the work of God that restores the world to us and us to wholeness. God’s work complete. Glory. Eternal Life. And we are in on it, in on the redemption of the world. Whoever I am, and wherever I find myself in history, in geography, in “sickness or in health,” in whatever circumstance, I am in the middle of it, God’s work of Salvation. " -Eugene Peterson

This summer and the transition have helped me take a step back and think about this work that God allows me to do. I am so overwhelmed with his goodness, generosity, and grace my whole life but especially these last couple of years. God is so good to let me in on what he is doing in this world.

We moved about a week into this month into a duplex in Denton!!

As Christians, we get to be a part of God's redemption of his people and this world. We get to be a part of people being restored to their families, to one another and ultimately him. I have gotten to see his work more clearly in the lives of others and mine.

Our Summer Thursday Night Fellowship

Here's one story that I want to share from this year:

I met a girl at outreach, halfway through the semester. I was awkward and fumbling with my words but somehow we ended up talking for about 30 minutes on the Plinth at UTD. The conversation ended with me inviting her into my small group for the year. And she came sporadically at first. But she ended up coming to our core and opening up pretty fast about her struggles with the way that God made her and her hurt that came from some bad interactions with the church.

We ended up studying the Bible together and she shared with me about her walk with God and we talked through her past. She opened up that this was the first year that she was really friends with Christians and had close friends in general. She told me about her joy in being a part of a genuine community.

How cool is it that God gave us his word and that we live in an age where we have access to it?

God is redeeming her relationship with his people. He is building back up what has been broken. He is bringing her back to himself and that is so encouraging to get to watch. She now reads scripture regularly and is trying to figure out God's character for herself, she's making her faith her own.

I got the chance to talk to her mom in this season of fundraising and she told me when her girls were in 6th grade, she was supporting a campus minister and hoping that one day someone would reach out to her girls. I am blown away that I got to be an answer to a prayer in that way.

From our Denton Staff Retreat

I was in charge of meals and loved serving them in that way

Stories like this are pretty common in campus ministry and that is why I love what I get to do. I love being a part of God's redemption and restoration. It's not always easy, there are plenty of people who leave and refuse to be changed. But I know that God is not done with them yet and is working in their hearts.

Thank you for so much for being a part of what God is doing on the college campuses! If you don't already support the ministry but would like to, you can just click on this link!

I have my ordination July 18th at 7:30pm that I would love to invite you to! I am committing to another year on staff and I would love to share that with yall!


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