The Exodus (To the Promised Denton)

Last Month of the Apprenticeship!

Wow, time really does fly by! I can’t believe that these 10 months are over already. It has been a whirlwind. I am so grateful for the time I have gotten with the students at UTD as well as the staff. God has used this year to grow and shape me in so many ways. It has been a stretching year which has been painful but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

This summer is going to be a little slower pace. I will be fundraising and meeting people. I would love if you partnered with me in prayer this summer for fundraising. I pray that God will provide for me this summer. If you know anyone who might be willing to join my support team, I would love to contact them!

End of the Year-
We started the month of May with my last core and our End of the Year Party! It was bittersweet knowing that it would most likely be the last UTD End of the Year Party that I would attend but it was really encouraging. We had open sharing where people could share what God has been doing this past year. I loved seeing girls from my core sharing and people I have grown to love from our Tuesday Night Fellowship!
Some of the girls in our core, being goofs

Three girls from our core shared during open sharing and this is the only non-blurry pic

WOW. I don't have many words for SICM(Student Institute of Campus Ministry) but I am blown away by how God is raising up the next generation of leaders in the church. I loved hearing stories of how much this week helped grow these students and give them a heart for how God can use them for the rest of their lives. SICM was so foundational for me when I went as a student and I was praying that it would be shaping for them too. My prayer is that God continues to use these students now that they are more equipt!
During one of our sessions!

While in Washington we got to meet up with my Aunt Jena. Drew and my cousin Ben became acquainted!
My family is now a FOCUS family!!

Getting to know the Dentonites-
SICM was really a great experience to get to know some more of the students from Denton as well as the staff. Getting to know them more has given me more peace about making the move. I am so excited to get to be a part of a smaller staff and get to be a part of what God has been doing in Denton.
Our Denton Staff minus Garrett

Spending Memorial Day with some of the Denton Staff and their mates

The women from Denton at SICM

God's provision in giving us a place to live-
Drew and I found a place to live! Thank you for your prayers! We found a little duplex that has plenty of space for hosting people and serving them. God is so good to give us a Landlord who is a Christian too! I am starting to pray for our neighbors now too. I am so excited to see how God uses us in this new place. I am also looking for places to volunteer in Denton so prayers about that would be appreciated.


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