The Shortest of Months!

So many exciting things are happening! I am excited to share with y’all what is happening at UTD and in my own life. 

I started off this month with a core reunion. I see all of the girls separately but not really together and it was a pleasure to catch up with them and see how God has been moving in their lives. I am so grateful that God has put them in each other's lives and that they get to do life together. 

Our old core got together and shared some shaved ice!

We had the Traveling Team come and talk to our students about what it looked like to be sent and God’s vision for redeeming the world. It was a convicting reminder that God calls us to all the nations and it can be easy to forget how blessed I am to be on the college campus where people are diverse and open to learning. I can’t imagine what hurdles I will have to jump through when I eventually leave here. 
The Traveling Team at Tuesday Night Fellowship

I got the chance to go to Houston to visit my Grandparents and then to Austin one weekend to see my niece get dedicated. God is so good to give me such sweet family members and let me spend time with them!

In the middle of February, I got to share about the Axiom (a short phrase that summarizes an idea) ‘You rarely grow when your comfortable” which has been a lesson I have been learning this first year or being married and especially during this apprenticeship. I am being pushed and challenged in all areas of my life but because of that, I have really seen God transforming me. I have seen the students I interact with react well to being pushed and challenged too! 

Came to the game to support our friends

Valentine’s day I got the chance to love on the girls in my small group and really invest in them. Valentine's day is a little overhyped to me so it was really nice getting to love on all the important people in my life, not just my husband. I am so blessed with such wonderful friends and I appreciate them dearly. Speaking of friends, I got to go to a haunted house with a couple of them the Saturday after Valentine's day and it really made my day!

Friday Night Fellowship has been doing a sermon series on prayer and in partnership with that, Rhett(a fellow staff member) has put on personal devotionals where students get together and do their personal devotionals, but together. This has been something really encouraging and I would encourage you to pray about that as well!

Personal Devotional Time in the Library

Outreach has been going pretty good this month and I am blown away by some of the conversations I have had and have been hearing about. I love engaging students on campus and hearing more and more about their lives. I pray that God uses those conversations to bring people closer to him. I have to remind myself that only God can change hearts and it is just up to me to be faithful where he has called me. 

One of our students signing during our outreach time!

One of the really cool things that happened this month was Pizza Theology. This is where we get together and study more intensely a single topic. This time we went through Exodus. If you are curious about it, the recording is on FOCUS’ website. It was super helpful for me thinking through Exodus and how we should read it. 

Pizza Theo

God is working on this campus and the people that the students and the staff meet with. I am constantly encouraged by the people around me serving God. But that is not confined to FOCUS, God is using all kinds of people and organizations to bring his people closer to him. 


  1. Hey Darby! I love that you got to spend Valentine's Day with your Core. It's definitely over-hyped! Also, Rhett's communal quiet times seem like such a neat idea. We have so many good, creative ideas from different people on our team. It's such an honor to work with people like that.
    Keep it up, and keep growing through your discomfort!


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