Another Year on Staff?

Outreach at Collin College with some students from CCF(the ministry that puts on SICM)

Staying on Staff Another Year- 
Transitions are constantly happening and I happen to find myself on the verge of another one. After much prayer and talking to people about it, I have decided to stay on staff another year! Which is a double edge sword. I have loved working at UTD but there is a need on the men’s side of the ministry in Denton so Drew and I are moving up there sometime in the summer. Drew is actually doing a three-year commitment(that's why it matters that there is a need for male staff). We are excited but also a bit sad. It moves us further from our friends and we aren’t closer to our family but we really do believe it is where God wants us to be. We’re looking for places to live and been thinking through how to transition well to a new staff team and new city. I believe God is going to use this next year to grow us a lot and I am looking forward to it. We have spent this semester at TNF talking about suffering and have been thinking a lot about making choices, not for comfort’s sake. I think the move will be uncomfortable but God uses that to help us lean on him more. Prayers are much appreciated!!  

Our Tuesday Night Fellowship! I am going to miss this group of people!
Split Service-
This month we did a split service at Friday Night Fellowship and we split between guys and girls. It was really encouraging to interact with all the girls together because normally I only get interaction with the girls who go to our Tuesday Night Fellowship.

Split Service between guys and girls

Camping with a couple girls from my core
Spring Break-

This spring break was really restful. Drew and I got to go to Arkansas for a couple days and spend time together and in nature. It was good to get away from the business of the city and rest and restore. Arkansas is a place that my family got to go every year when I was little so it was nice to share that with Drew. We will definitely come back someday! I also got to go camping with a couple girls from my core! It was a blast.  

A lake we discover in Arkansas

We had class outside one day when it was sunny and beautiful!
I have been meeting up with more people from outside of my core this month and it is heartbreaking to hear some people’s stories and backgrounds. It is crazy the kinds of things God has brought people out of and where he is working. God has been moving in my heart and helping me love his children better. I am encouraged and refreshed by the people I work with and get to spend time with.  

One of our fundraising sessions
SICM Fundraising-

One of the big things that I have been doing this month is helping students fundraise. As I mentioned last month, SICM(Student Institute of Campus Ministry) is our ministry training conference that we send potential leaders to train and equip them for ministry in and outside of college. I am one of the people helping students get fully fundraised for the trip. That includes selling tickets to showcase, planning fundraisers and talking to people about how their fundraising is going. I am no stranger to fundraising but this last summer, I was solely focused on my fundraising. Looking out for all these other people is exhausting but God has been providing for them. As I was telling a girl the other day, all their hard work is going to pay off! SICM is right around the corner! If you want to find more info about it, you can go to 


  1. Hey Darby! I am praying for you and Drew as you prepare to move to Denton. It will be a big transition, but I know God will use it for good! Thanks for sharing what's been on your heart lately as you meet with people at UTD. So many people have been through terrible struggles, and I think God is reaching out to some of them through you. Keep it up!


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