Remember, it was December

Refreshed from the Break and our Staff Retreat

Hope you had a wonderful couple of Holidays! I hope that your time was restful and filled with time with your family and friends. I know the holidays can be a time that is stressful and can bring sadness to some but I hope it was filled with great joy and remembrance of all the wonderful things God has done for us.

Last Peer Team
December started off pretty well for me. The semester was ramping up as things were slowing down. We had our final peer team meeting for the semester and got the chance to encourage one another. It was really amazing to see everyone encouraging one another especially since we have been praying for the women's side of the ministry so adamantly in the past couple of years. The core leaders are doing such a good job of loving on the girls they mentor and each other.

Some of out Core!
We also had our last core where we exchanged secret santa gifts! We had a potluck as we exchanged gifts! Those girls are super sweet and I am glad to see them growing in friendship!

My Beautiful Friend Emily giving her Sermon!

We had our wonderful California Themed Christmas Party and it went better than I could have ever hoped! The UTD apprentices prepped and planned the event and things went pretty smoothly. I got the chance to Emcee with Emily which was good practice for our sermons that came shortly after that. 

We gave sermons to the FOCUS Staff and other apprentices about how the gospel applied to our lives. It was really a great opportunity to reflect over how God has been moving in my life and how he has been changing my life. I don’t like public speaking but I think it was powerful for me to think through.  

Our Staff Dinner
Our break ended with a staff dinner with all of the Focus Staff. It is so sweet to be honored and loved on by these people! I am so incredibly blessed.

Rang in the New Year with my friend Davina and Drew!
You can see some of the things that happened over my break in the one second a day video! But it was mostly just time relaxing and with family. It was good to get some time to rest so we can start the year off right!!


  1. Hey Darby! I wish I could have seen you and Emily emcee the Christmas party. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad to hear your Core wrapped up the semester well with some sweet encouragements. Thanks for sharing!


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