October Already!

We finished reading the Old Testament this month!
I highly encourage you to read through the whole Old Testament!

Every time I sit down to write these blogs, I am so baffled by how fast the month went by. God has been so good. I feel like things are becoming more and more consistent which I have found is a little bit easier for me to deal with. But there are plenty of changes which keep me on my toes.

It is so wonderful to have time to spend with my core. They are such a sweet and quirky group of girls. They have been really getting to know each other well and it makes my heart happy. They have been bringing so much to our small group times and have invested in relationships with each other. God is working in their hearts and drawing them closer to him.

Some of the Tuesday Night group that I have gotten to know.

This month is the month of Birthday! Both me and Drew have birthdays in October so we have gotten to spend time with our families. It has been really cool sharing in ministry with them and deepening my relationship with them. God has really transformed a lot of my attitude with family and I am so happy to have a family that loves God and loves other people. Also, Drew's sister in law is expecting a baby anytime now so prayers for that are much appreciated and I will be posting a photo of her here next month.
From the baby shower for baby Luna

Another cool thing that happened this month is our Halloween party. This has been consumed and has taken a lot of our time but I believe it really paid off. It was so encouraging to see so many students come and share in a fun time together. Many students haven't experienced something like our dance party before. We had a lot of students who are not a part of our ministry come and it is cool to see how we are achieving our goal of being a visible presence on campus. Jesse was talking to some students and said that they were saying that this was the most fun they have had at UTD. I love seeing God transform our campus.

Here's just some of the people at our
Halloween Party!
Some of the UTD(and Richland) Staff!

Prayers that he continues to move on campus and in the hearts of our students.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience reading through the whole Old Testament. It's a lot of reading, but so worth it to engage with what God has been doing through history! Now you can more effectively communicate that big story with the students you minister to at UTD.

    I also love seeing how UTD has been transformed since I was a student there! FOCUS has had such an impact on that campus by getting people involved, having fun, and spending time together. But it's so important to remember why that matters - it's not just having fun, it's an invitation into a Christ-centered community! Love it! Thanks for sharing!


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