August Recap

This month has flown by so fast! I am so excited about what God is doing in my heart and the hearts of those who are at UTD. I'm blown away by the number of students that I have met and heard stories about so far and we are only two weeks into school. Our student leaders have done such a great job of inviting and welcoming college students into God's community. We have been meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of places. I can't wait to see the fruit of what God has been preparing here.

Here's a pic from our first leader training!

We started out this month by reading through a large portion of the Old Testament and the accompanying Old Testament Textbook(say that 3 times fast) and listening to audio. I feel so much more prepared and feel like my foundation has been strengthened so much. There is so much more about God's character that I have missed in my own reading. I have also loved reading through things with my fellow apprentices. 

The Apprentices + the Von Runnen's(from the Northeast Wylie Church)

Another cool thing was this event called Big Howdy. It was directed towards International Students. There was a group of about 10 people from FOCUS who met and explained our organization hundreds of times.

A Picture from one of our first Welcome Week events!

I met a girl during Welcome Week who had never studied the bible before and no one had ever asked her to before either. She hasn't gotten involved yet but I can see God pursuing her. I also met another girl who was Muslim but was interested in Christianity and has been sticking around. I even saw her come to our Friday Night Focus(our large group meeting). Stories like this are so encouraging to me and I hope they are to you too! 

Our new Tuesday Night Service

Some of the Girls from my small group!

Be praying for all the people on campus who don't know Jesus yet. Pray that they encounter his love and mercy in those they encounter. Pray for the lost and lonely. Pray for those who know God and have strayed from Him. Pray for those who are questioning. Pray for our small groups that have started up and our large group meetings!


  1. Hey Darby! What an exciting thing to meet new friends from different backgrounds and religions and to introduce them to Jesus. I pray that God would draw those new friends to himself through you. Keep up the good work!


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